Catherine Cabral

More than just spaces, Catherine is committed to creating and transforming lifestyles.

Her clients recognise the transformation - which is often also interior - she effects.

Her Design Studio, which is both classic and contemporary, undertakes projects of every style, adapting to the needs and desires of each client.

It works on private houses, offices, hotels and commercial spaces, executing Interior Design projects - from the technical drawings to the various specialities (carpentry, stucco, finish, etc.) - and Decorating projects, comprising all the necessary parts, from furniture to upholstery, curtains, lighting and accessories.

It also advises in the aquisition of art and special furniture.

Both domains are caracterized by the good taste and technical rigour associated with her name, always bearing in mind the balance of colours, the importance of lighting and the suitability of materials. The result is pleasant, harmonious spaces, which are at the same time practical and functional.