Catherine Cabral - Interiores

01.Complete Interior Architecture and / or Decorating Project

Suitable for if you wish to:

  • Construct a space from scratch.
  • Redecorate or decorate a space.
  • Make your home (or commercial space) more comfortable, harmonious and suited to your needs.

We are happy to work on a single room or an entire house, and we will create, develop, and manage the project to completion (turn-key project).

02.Consulting and Advising

Suitable if you want suggestions and guidance for a decorating project.

Using photographs, drawings, magazine cut-outs, plans and ideias of what you like, we help you to create a project that fits you. We show you materials, soft furnishings, wallpapers, and decorative objects so that you can then seek out the services and products you wish in your own time.


You may also purchase materials through our Design Studio, in which case we can offer tailor-made services, such as making curtains and cushions, putting up wallpaper and other wall coverings, upholstering sofas, stools, headboards, etc.

03.Consulting and Advising On Site

Suiable if you desire a complete analysis of your space, identifying areas for improvement and transformation. We will give you a file with our suggestions to help you execute your project.

This service does not include the creation, management or execution of the project.